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Subsea Test Pump

STP – Subsea Test Pump for performing pipeline hydro or leak testing without the use of downlines.



  • The STP can be mounted on an ROV skid or fitted to the Subsea Test Pump Manifold.
  • If the pump is mounted on a skid fitted below, or backpack on the ROV, it can be directly coupled to the main ROV hydraulic system thereby maximising the power available from the ROV, which improves the pump output performance & efficiency. Flow / press characteristics indicated below are for a typical ROV auxiliary pump supply.
  • Different flow rates can be selected via ROV operated pilot valves. Two independent pressure relief valves protect asset from over pressurisation.



  • UNIT WEIGHT Approx 1100 kg (neutral in seawater)
    • Aluminium 6082-T6 Frame
    • 4 point sling
    • Dimensions 2800(L) x 1600(W) x 671(H) mm (Under slung ROV skid
  • CHEMICAL CAPACITY 2 X 20 lit tanks
  • CHEMICAL CAPABILITY Up to 2 different chemicals can be used
  • FLOW / PRESS CAPACITY From 28 lit/min to 18 lit/min at 460 bar. (ROV supply of 65 lit/min at 165 barg)
  • PIPELINE CONNECTION End connection configured to suit project requirements
    • 2 x Water flowmeters, 2 x Pressure Transducers
    • Multi-channel datalogger with RS232 or 485 output.
    • Communication to topside PC via ROV umbilical
  • DEPTH RATING 3000 m standard (5000 m on request)
  • FILTRATION 50 micron filter
  • UTILITIES REQUIRED 24 vdc nominal power supply & comms port from ROV